Day II

Course description

This course will provide an overview of the clinical applications of Controlled Ovarian Stimulation protocols in infertility management; also the need of a databese and data collection with a help of a software and . Attendees will have the chance to participate in hands-on training to improve their skills.

The idea of running practical workshops allowing practice on different models is a new approach to education and training.

Course objectives

  • To investigate the applications of software in the different aspects of ART
  • To promote training and education in controlled ovarian stimulation by using a blended approach
  • To provide an overview on standardised practice in COS
  • To assess the quality and safety of COS in ART
  • To address educational needs and training in COS

Educational methods

  • Lectures
  • Discussions
  • Hands-on

Target audience

Trainees and consultants in obstetrics and gynaecology; gynaecologists, embryologists, and associated health professionals with an interest in ART; midwifes; staff doctors, staff grades, trust doctors and associate specialists

Educational needs and expected outcomes

By attending this workshop course participants are expected to gain more knowledge of the different applications of COSin infertility and also in gathering and work with data and a software program. The element of practical education delivered via hands-on training will enhance its educational aspects.

Final Program
Chair: Monica Dascalescu & Delia Hutanu  


9.00– 10.00


Registration/ welcome coffee



Welcome Note






Tanya Timeva
Ruxandra Dumitrescu
Federico Regoli
Irinel Proca


9.05- 10.00

Controlled ovarian stimulation -protocols

10.00-11.00 Data collection- software aplication
11.00-11.55 Round tables and discussions


Closing Remarks




workshop stations include:

Practice with data collection software - Computer based interactive station - A stepwise understanding of the collecting and using the data.
Round tables with case presentations and specific protocols related with COS.